My First Colleen Hoover Book (and My First Post!)


Well, hello! Very nice to meet…whoever may be reading this! I’m really starting this blog as my own little self-therapy, but if there is anyone out there taking a quick peek, a big warm welcome to you~

I usually blog about Korean dramas, but books are a completely different passion for me. Korean dramas may dictate a huge chunk of my life now, but books have been with me For. Ever. They’ve always been there. Through the puberty, the lonely Valentine’s Days, and, of course, the long-ass flights.

Since college, I haven’t read for pleasure as much I’d liked to (insert terribly sad face), but I hope with this blog, I can get myself back on the reading train. And the discovery of author Colleen Hoover definitely has me ready to hop back on. Which is why I’d like to dedicate my first post to her.┬áBecause, mad props to you, Colleen. You finally got me out of my reading slump! I’ve read some great books here and there, but after reading Colleen’s Ugly Love, I got excited to not only read another one of her books, but just any other book. It’s been a long time since I’d felt that excitement.

I honestly don’t remember how I heard about the hype surrounding Colleen’s writing. If I could pinpoint it, I believe it was a YouTube video reviewing one of her earlier books, Hopeless. All of her books were given so much praise in the comments that I simply had to look her up. All of her novels sounded so different, but they all piqued my interest. At first, I wanted to go in order, and start with her first book, Slammed, but the plot of Ugly Love was just calling me at the time. For whatever reason, I don’t know. It just sounded intense and sexy. And intense and sexy, I sure got.

It’s pretty hard for me to fall for romances that start off with “friends” or plain old “acquaintances” with benefits. I’ve seen the story plenty of times, in books, movies, TV shows… But this particular story with Tate and Miles was so gripping, I didn’t even care if I’d seen this kind of plot hundreds of times. Because Tate and Miles didn’t just feel like characters following a stereotype; they felt like real people going through some real life situations. And the way Colleen wrote was just impeccable, lacing together beautiful language and relatable characters.

I wasn’t sure if any of her books would be as good as Ugly Love, but I was soooo, so pleased when I picked up Confess (my current favorite) and realized each of her books was unique and special, delivering its own form of amazingness. From the comments I’ve read, each book is better than the last, but I think it really just depends which story and which set of characters you want to read about at the moment.

So now, I’m not reading any of her books in order of publication, but in order of what plot I’m in the mood for. I’ve already ordered several of them, and am currently in the mood for Maybe Someday, which I’d heard was supposed to be the least sad. I can’t wait to see which characters of Colleen’s I’ll fall in love with next.

And thanks, Colleen, for allowing me to fall in love with reading in general all over again! *hugs*